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About the Author

Bianca Pheasant is a new voice in the world of mystery and crime thrillers. She made her debut with Electus Per Deus. Based on real life occult crimes in South Africa, this title caused quite an uproar as Bianca wrote this novel while the investigation was still ongoing. She lives in the grasslands of Limpopo with her three children, of which one is human and two are feline. Bianca finds her inspiration from true crime and is fascinated by the motivation behind these crimes.
When she isn’t penning her latest novel, Bianca can be found curled up with a Chris Carter or Dean Koontz novel or watching Silence of the Lambs for the hundredth time.

Customer Reviews

This fast-paced novel takes you into the seedier side of life. Prostitutes, pimps, romance, murder. This book has it all. Descriptive, raw and passionate, the author weaves a tale that leaves you wanting more. I thoroughly enjoyed the plot, the characters and I can't wait for the next one. Highly recommend.
Angelique Pacheco
I really liked this book. It was emotional and while parts almost made me cringe, other parts made me smile. This book had everything I like in a story. It had great characters, wonderful relationships, some laughs and a great storyline.
The author of this book has a twisted scary mind and I would be nervous if I lived in the same house with her. From the very first sentence of the book my mouth fell open and it didn’t close till it was over. I usually say the grittier the better,but I think this time I have met my match. What an imagination Bianca has. I don’t think I will ever get over the opening scene...all I can say is OMG! If you like serious psychological twists, it’s all in this book. Let me just say I really love this book
This book is very dark in places and I didn't really want to go there but the fact that she had the courage and strength to do the things she did was amazing (no spoilers) Both faces of humanity are shown in this story, I can only hope that there is enough love and time to make things better.

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