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This particular writing journey started in 2016 when Bianca discovered a deep fascination with a series of suspected cult related crimes that hit the West Rand in South Africa. She decided to write a book about these events.

Shortly after the book was published, even though the trial have not even started yet, Bianca was summoned by the authorities for questioning. In her book, some fiction turn out to be fact. Crimes from 2012 was linked to murders committed from 2015 to 2016. This raised red flags, hence the summoning by authorities.

So far, Bianca’s debut novel, brought nothing but obstacles and sleepless nights.

Bianca did however continue her writing career in the hopes of one day making a living from writing. 

Interview for a documentary... Say whaaaat?!

Everyone wants their five minutes of fame… This, however, was not how I imagined mine.
Have a look at the trailer of the documentary which loosely inspired my debut novel, Electus per Deus.
The book that started it all…

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