Electus Per Deus

What she looked at was horrible; her eyes did not deceive her the first time. She held on to the countertop to keep from falling as the kitchen seemed to spin around her.

Before she passed out, she had one last look at the terrible evil sent to her in a brown box on the day of her best friend’s funeral. 

As her vision darkened and blurred, the piece of brain tissue, half wrapped with blood-smeared newspaper, seemed to disappear into the abyss, along with her consciousness.

The Coachman - Volume 1

“Do you not wish to know who I am?”

Jane shook her head.

“That is unfortunate.  But no matter; I am convinced that a little persuasion would change your mind.”  

He nodded to the corpse-like hand holding her left wrist.  The hand crunched her wrist with supernatural strength.

Jane writhed with pain and her vision went blurry.  It was difficult to focus on anything other than the excruciating pain pulsing through her limbs.

Mama's Retribution - Origin

“Did you really think that I would let you go after what you did to me? Can you remember that empty bottle of rum you used as a …” her voice trailed off while her mind did the same.

“I … I am sorry.”

“Hush now,” she whispered; still caressing his wet hair. “It’s too late for that. What’s done is done. At least now I can finally move on and forget about you … both of you.”

Painkillers for Hearthache - Volume 2

The evil in his eyes sent shivers down her spine. For the first time since laying eyes on him, she was afraid. She knew now he possessed some kind of deadly magic and if she refused, she was sure she would pay for it.

“Sit down, Jennifer,” he demanded.

She took a seat at her desk. The wedding photograph she cried over earlier was staring at her. In her mind, she could hear it ask what she would do. Jennifer had
no answer to that question. What could she do? 


Harvest - Volume 3

He pressed his lips to the blood spurting wound and marveled at the metallic taste it left on his tongue. While the life in the blood rejuvenated him like a magic elixir, every fiber in his body felt like it was on fire. 

Gulp after gulp, Galtero swallowed the miracle potion of life until he could drink no more.

Weakened by the loss of blood, Elijah could not lift his head when Galtero freed him from the chair.

John Baker - Volume 5

My name is… well, I do not have a name. For I am neither man nor woman.
With a shapeless existence devoid of body and soul, I cannot feel pain or love… or even hunger. I do not thirst or grow weary and I can never die.
People die.
Animals die.
Me and my kind… we just disappear. We vanish into nothingness.

Thankfully, this story is not about me. No… I want to tell you about John Baker.

The Altering - Volume 7

Henry could not risk being in a crowd when he lost control. He has no idea what happens when he does but he was certain that it had happened before.


He would never forget the terror in Mary’s eyes, his housemaid, when she frantically woke him from the floor staring at the blood on his hands and torn clothes.

His bedroom seemed to have been ransacked and vandalized which caused Mary to think Dr. Jekyll had been attacked.

But Henry knew that not to be true due to the taste of blood in his mouth. He knew who the culprit was.

It was the being behind the voice.


the black widow - volume 4

With trembling hands I wiped the bloody blade on my skirt, but try as I might, I could not restore the stainless steel to its original mirror-like shine. The adrenaline pulsing through my veins was electrifying, resurrecting every dormant
cell of my body back to life. 

The rapid expanding and deflating of my chest made me laugh because here I was, sitting on top of Jake’s body as if he was a racehorse and I the jockey.

I found it funny because I was breathing… and he was not. Was life this easy to end?

Midnight's Feast - Volume 6

Minute after minute and bite after bite, Felicia’s crooked smile, turned more sinister.

Camille scooped a mouthful of soup into her mouth and bit onto a tiny bone. She removed it and studied its form and texture. Frowning, she looked at Felicia. “What meat did you use? I’ve never seen such a bone before.”

Her question attracted the attention of her friends. They looked at the bone pinched between Camille’s fingers and then at Felicia whose smirk made them feel uncomfortable.

Dark Murmurings - Coming soon!